Various Methods of Removing Unwanted Hair

In this article, we will learn on some of the weird hair removal options that are available that you may not have heard of before.

Though this was put on our body intentionally for good purpose, there are just some people who are not comfortable with too much hair on their body. This is why more and more people are looking for different options on how they could remove the extra hair even going through weird methods.

Removal through Pumice Stone

There are many people who are unaware that there is another use of pumice stone, which in fact is for natural hair removal.

With the pumice stones rough texture, it is best to use for removing hair from your skin. Also, this is a natural hair removal remedy.

If you are going to try it yourself, use it on your skin that’s dry and clean and apply it in a circular motion. The pores will help in cleaning your hairs and you could pull it out easily.

However, you should take note to moisturize afterwards because the texture of the pumice stone will give an exfoliating effect and it could leave your skin dry.

Egg Use for Natural Hair Removal

The use of egg is not only for consumption and is not just nutritious, but it comes with useful properties for your beauty. You may have noticed an egg going dry and you may have noticed that it creates a film-like substance on the surface. This is something that will actually help you to remove any unwanted hair.

The best thing about the use of eggs is that this is inexpensive and it is also a gentle way for you to treat unwanted facial hair.

Papaya Paste for Hair Removal

If you are ever looking for a long-term solution, using a papaya would be a good way. Though papaya cannot remove your unwanted hair overnight, it could however help when used several times because it has special enzymes that are called as papain that will weaken the hair follicles and prevents regrowth.

Turmeric Hair Removal

Turmeric is usually found in Indian recipes, which is a bright yellow and fragrant spice. A lot of Indian women in fact have been these kind of recipes for many years for different natural beauty remedies. One of it is in removing unwanted facial hair and this is one that’s easy to do. You should however take note that just like papaya, you need to regularly use the turmeric paste so that it could help to reduce hair growth over time.

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