Guide on Choosing the Right Distortion Pedal

The type of distortion pedal you have will determine the tone you create. The type of distortion that you decide to use will help you create a buttery smooth feel or crushing rhythm parts. Here is a guide on choosing the best restoration pedal. The first in your mind should be your needs. Do you like something simple that you can easily plug and use? Or do you want one that you will be able to dial every aspect of the distortion pedal. This guide will give you information of separate distortion pedal based on what you want. This will allow to quickly figure out the best distortion pedal.

Some people often confuse distortion pedal from overdrive pedal. There are a course like a guitar effect course that gives a detailed explanation of the distortion and overdrive pedals. One way to differentiate the pedals is by looking at the blurred lines between distortion and overdrive pedals. There are still other guitarists who are unable to differentiate distortion from overdrive pedal. The distinction should not be your worry, what you need is to find the right pedal. Most of the distortion pedals are easy to use as they have few knobs to tweak. You can find it hard to control your tone but the three knobs are enough. There are some popular distortion pedals that have more control over the EQ of your distortion.

They are made of bass, mid, treble knobs that give you more control on the sounding distortion. Some distortion pedal such as MXR M104 is very easy to figure out and still produce a good sound. It is not good in producing the full-face-melting level of distortion but a good choice for guitarists who like rock and blue style. Selecting style tones are better than modern high-gain tones. You only need two knobs to create the tone. Use one of the knob to level the gain you want and use the output knob to set your volume. You need to budget very well before buying a distortion pedal.

It is worth paying for an expensive distortion pedal rather than buying a super cheap distortion pedal. For your surprise, distortion pedals are not only meant for metal guitarists. It is only guitarists who use high-end distortion pedals in order to create a certain tone. It is ideal for guitarists with a specific sound and but they want to tweak it further. It is good for playing live as several distortion are present in a single pedal. The quality of your tone highly depends on the distortion pedal. It is important to learn more about distortion pedal so that you can come up with a perfect tone. Most of the guitarists who have a better understanding of distortion produce decent tones.

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